“Remontage” consists in pumping up the wine from the bottom of the vat in order to sprinkle the “cap” (grape skin and pips which rise to the surface). The process optimises the extraction of colour and tannins. 

classified letter A

Classification Letter A. This is a classification established by the Casa do Douro, revised annually. It is based principally on the quality of the soil, the altitude, the micro-climate, and the method of cultivation of the vine in each parcel. The parcels are classified in this way from A (the best score) to F.

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Quinta do Noval - Fine Ports Since 1715

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CHÂTEAU PICHON BARON, Cru Classé en 1855 - PAUILLAC - France

The Pichon Baron estate, Second Cru Classé in 1855, is one of the great historic vineyards of Bordeaux. A rigorous selection policy in the vineyard and in the cellars ensures the production of a Grand Vin, Château Pichon Baron,which is the pure expression of our unique terroir.

CHÂTEAU SUDUIRAUT, Premier Cru Classé en 1855 - SAUTERNES - France

Château Suduiraut is today universally known as one of the best Sauternes wines, thanks to an extreme commitment to quality. This is a truly great wine with remarkable longevity, both harmonious and powerful, which blends floral, fruity, candied grape and toasty aromas. 


Château Petit-Village is situated high on the magnificent Pomerol plateau, at the heart of the appellation, with a terroir consisting of wonderful gravel and clay soils. A perfect location for the production of great wines which are faithful to this exceptional terroir.


Domaine de l’Arlot (covering an area of 14 hectares) is mostly located in Nuits Saint Georges with two 'Premier Cru Monopole', Clos de l’Arlot and Clos des Forêts Saint Georges. Domaine de l’Arlot is also known for its small production of white, a rarity in Nuits Saint Georges, and possesses as well Grand Cru vineyards in Romanée-Saint-Vivant.


Château Pibran estate benefits from a prestigious, 17-hectare terroir on one of Pauillac’s most beautiful hilltops. The wines benefit from exceptional support, with the vinification process and technical monitoring both carried out by the Château Pichon Baron. 


Disznókő, classified First Growth since 1732, has been one of the pioneers in the renaissance of the great historic wines of Tokaj. Disznókő wines are characterized by a very pure fruit and a perfect balance between freshness and the concentration of Botrytis. / Tokaj


Quinta do Noval is one of the major historic Port houses, renowned for its great Vintage Ports but also for its fine old Tawnies and its complete range of classic Port wines. The magnificent vineyard of Quinta do Noval is at the heart of everything we do. / /



Our aim is to make wines that are the individual, harmonious and perfectly-balanced expression of our great terroirs.


Ours is an obsession, always seeking to make improvements, to do things bigger and better.


We never forget our privilege and our responsibilities as the guardians of outstanding vineyards. Our duty is to produce great wines for today and decades to come, then to pass on the vineyards in the best possible condition to future generations.

This long-term vision is a commitment to the vineyard, to all those who work there … and also to those who taste our wines. Our ultimate goal is to produce wines that express the unique characteristics of their terroir and that will provide pleasure for wine lovers all over the world.”

Christian Seely

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