The winter was cold and dry. Spring (March to June) very hot, with five heat waves and heavy rainfall that somehow compensate for the lack of water in the soil, allowing a good development of the vines and grapes. The summer was very hot and dry. However, vines resisted well to the climate and at the end of August the harvest presented itself beautifully.

White grapes were picked from the 27 of August. We continued harvesting the Syrah and the ripest red plots. We were having a glorious hot weather and maturation was accomplishing well... But, as in 2014 from the 13th to the 16th, the gods sent us 60 mm of rainfall. 30% of the harvest was already done. Based on favourable weather forecast, and after a week of suspension, we restart the harvest on 24th September to end on the October 14th, with grapes in very healthy conditions and excellent weather till October 4th, period in which some exceptional ports were made.

The white wines show themselves with pretty typical aromas, elegance and full of freshness.
The Douro red wines, have great aromatic intensity and elegance, lovely colour, and well structured with good natural acidity that supports and enhances the purity of the fruit.

The Ports are very promising, with deep colour, well structured and a great wild and pure aromatic intensity.

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