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    • Quinta do Noval Colheita is a rare Port produced in small quantities. It is a dated Tawny Port.
      Each Colheita takes its personality from the Quinta do Noval terroir and from the vintage, like our Vintage Port, but aged in barrels until bottling.

    • Characteristics of the vintage

      The year 2012 was characterised by an extremely dry and cold winter, followed by a very wet spring and a dry summer. These spring rains were crucial because they provided the water needed for the development of the vines. These conditions reduced yields, but this fact coupled with the mild temperatures of spring and summer, allowed the vines to achieve an excellent maturation of the grapes.
      The harvest started a week later than normal. Although 2012 was a drought year, the grapes were in very good condition, with small but perfect berries that produced flavourful musts, full of freshness and good acidity.

    • Tasting notes

      Produced in small batches, this Colheita 2012 captures the authentic essence of Quinta do Noval vineyard with precision and delicacy. Its rich and complex style brings together a delightful blend of spicy, liquorice notes combined with delicious flavours of toasted almonds, dried fruits and zesty citrus. Everything blends together harmoniously. In "Colheita terms", this Port is still young, retaining its fruity character while starting to reveal hints of toffee and spice. Now that it's bottled, it's ready to drink and to be enjoyed.

      Carlos Agrellos, Technical Director (June 2023)

    • Grape varieties

      Touriga Nacional, Touriga Francesa, Tinta Roriz, Tinto Cão and Sousão from Quinta do Noval's vineyard.

    • Vinification

      The grapes were trodden by foot and fermented in the traditional lagares of the Quinta, where a disciplined and intense treading is fundamental for a good final result.

    • Maturing

      The Colheitas are aged in old barrels called cascos, with a capacity of 640 litres, until the moment of bottling.

    • Serving temperature


    • Producing a vintage old Tawny

      In exceptional years, certain lots of wine with great ageing potential are set aside to be aged in casks to become a Colheita, a dated Tawny Port. When we feel the wine is ready, usually after about 15 years, we will bottle some of this wine and offer it for sale. This 2012 Colheita was first bottled in 2023. The rest of our stocks of Colheita 2012 will continue to age in barrels for further bottlings in the future, when we consider the time to be right.