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Quinta do Noval

    • "I am always ready to try grape varieties from other parts of the world. I simply feel it essential that they adjust well to their new environment and integrate as if they were Douro grapes. As it happens, Syrah adapts perfectly. It expresses a personality here that is strongly marked by the Douro Valley rather than that of varietal Syrah."
      Christian Seely

    • Characteristics of the vintage

      2016 was a year of extremes: a warm winter with high rainfall, at 618 mm twice as much as in an average year. After a wet spring, summer was very hot and dry, with some peaks of heat in August and September.
      By the end of August, the harvest looked extremely good, in excellent sanitary condition, but ripening began to slow down due to the very hot and dry conditions.
      Fortunately 17 mm of much needed rain fell on 13th September, and maturation continued in ideal conditions from this point onwards. The main part of the harvest began on 19th September in dry and sunny weather, and the fruit continued to ripen throughout the harvest period. We were able to harvest each plot in ideal conditions as ripening continued.
      In spite of the unusual and extreme climatic conditions of the year, the end result is of an excellent quality. The dry red wines are high in colour, beautiful, well structured and with good acidity.

    • Tasting notes

      This wine offers a fine balance and a fine texture with peppery notes. Cherry, mineral and spice aromas flood the midpalate, with notes of mocha, and dark chocolate on the finish. Exceptional balance and poise.
      Carlos Agrellos, Technical Director

    • Grape varieties

      This wine is entirely made with Syrah, from the Quinta do Noval vineyard in the heart of the Douro valley.

    • Vinification

      This wine is fermented in stainless steel vats for a period of 10 days, where it then undergoes malolactic fermentation.

    • Maturing

      The wine is 100 % aged in wooden barrels for 10 months, with 20 % in new French oak barrels.

    • Serving temperature


    • Wines analyses

      Alcohol: 14 %
      Residual sugar: 0.6g/dm³
      Total acidity: 5g/dm³
      Ph: 3.49

Quinta do Noval Syrah