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Late Bottled Vintage Unfiltered

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    • This wine is a remarkable example of the Noval style. Treated exactly like a Vintage Port with only noble grape varieties from the Quinta, trodden by foot and unfiltered. Its main difference is that it is aged for five years in casks instead of the two years typical of Vintage Ports. Definitely an LBV with a difference, with fine structured tannins, great freshness and purity of fruit. It is delicious to drink today but will age beautifully in its bottle.

      An unfiltered Late Bottled Vintage made only with grapes from our vineyard, trodden by foot in the Quinta do Noval "lagares".

    • Characteristics of the vintage

      2017 was characterised by a cold, dry winter followed by an exceptionally hot and dry spring and summer. Apart from heavy rainfall (25 mm) on 6 July at Quinta do Noval, only 300 mm of rain fell since November 2016.
      June was the hottest month since 1980, with temperatures reaching 42-44°C in the Douro Valley during a heat wave lasting from 7 to 24 June. Due to these extreme weather conditions, all phases of the vine's growth were 15 to 20 days early compared to 2016.
      The vines weathered the shortage of water and the high temperatures well. At the end of August the harvest looked very promising, with excellent sanitary conditions.
      Harvest started much earlier than usual due to the weather: from 17 August for the white wines and 21 August for the reds and the Ports, lasting until 28 September, with high temperatures and a total absence of rain.

    • Grape varieties

      Touriga Nacional, Touriga Francesa, Tinta Roriz, Tinto Cão, Sousão

    • Vinification

      Grapes were trodden by foot in the "lagares", the traditional stone vats from the Quinta, to obtain the must. Then they are macerated during fermentation to obtain the best possible extraction of the polyphenolic compounds. Fermentation lasted 3 days.

    • Maturing

      The wine matures 5 years in Portuguese oak and Chestnut casks instead of 2 years for a Classic Vintage. This explains its name, "Late Bottled Vintage". Longer maturing in casks helps provide a smoother wine and gives it its very approachable style, ready to drink as soon as it is bottled.

    • Serving temperature


    • Where the grapes come from

      All the grapes come from the Quinta do Noval vineyard, in Pinhão - the heart of the Douro valley.

    • Wine analyses

      Alcohol: 19.5%
      Total sugar: 102g/dm³
      Total acidity: 4.9g/dm³
      pH : 3.56

    • Bottling date

      This unfiltered LBV from the harvest 2017 was bottled in July 2022.

Late Bottled Vintage Unfiltered